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Ramsis Gargoyle

Ramsis Gargoyle

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One upon a time, after the fall of Rome in a far away land, there lived three gargoyles: Giddian, Cadred & Ramsis. Now you know that at night when we are asleep, gargoyles come to life. One of the favorite pastimes of Giddian, Cadred & Ramsis was to mock their friends the three monkeys; See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil. Little did Giddian know that half a world away; his namesake had put pen to paper to write the bible. At that very instant all three gargoyles were frozen forever in their mocking poses. Together, the three gargoyles protect the harmony of your garden. 

Shown in Ancient Stone.


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w9” x d9” x h12” 30 lb

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