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Benedict Gargoyle

Benedict Gargoyle

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On a pilgrimage to Paris, Benedict fell in love with a young woman. Whilst very beautiful on the outside, she was cold and cruel on the inside. She quickly grew bored with Benedict’s attentions and devised a scheme to rid herself of him. One day she demanded that he perform three tasks to prove his love for her: If successful, she would agree to be married. First, she wanted him to fly her up to the castle tower.  Benedict went to the sorcerer and asked for a potion to make him grow wings and then, as requested, flew her to the top of the tower. The young woman admired the gargoyles surrounding the tower and wished that Benedict would look as handsome as they. Again, blinded by his love, Benedict took a potion and was transformed into a horned gargoyle. For his final task, she demanded that he sit not eating, sleeping or speaking until her return and then they would be wed. The wicked woman never returned and after many long years, Benedict turned to stone. Today he watches over the young lovers of Paris whilst awaiting the return of his love.

Shown in Western Slate.


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w21” x d17” x h25”
220 lb

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